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Trail blazing, fun loving, trend setting pioneers in the digital landscape. We partner with clients to ensure they stand out in the right digital crowd.


SEO that stays on the cutting edge. We start by evaluating your overall SEO strengths and weaknesses.

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Your web site says a lot. In today’s digital world, it’s essential that your site gives you a competitive edge.

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JumpSIX delivers results for non-profits. We use Google grants to reach prospects on the Internet with search ads.

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Ever wish you could attract the right people online? First, we work with you to define your target audience.

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Why We Are Digital

Businesses need help reaching their prospects. People search online for everything under the sun. Whether looking for love or a new light fixture, customers shop the web. We work to leverage brand visibility and recognition by partnering with brands to influence the right crowds with the right messages. And we’ve got the digital marketing tools to accomplish the task.

JumpSIX Marketing is a leader in the digital marketing industry, providing services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and more to help you build your online presence and promote your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our Google Advertising services and how they can help grow your business.

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Our Clients

What others are saying

Before Thompson’s auto sales started utilizing Jump Six Marketing’s services they were getting about 6,000-7,000 visitors to their website per month. Within 3 months Jump Six was responsible for over 100% increase in monthly traffic driving their average monthly total over 15,000 visitors! Not only did Jump Six increase the website traffic but qualified conversions were significantly up over that time frame as well.
Thompson Auto Sales: thompsonsales.com
In 3 years we’ve grown their Facebook account from 4,500 fans to over 43,000 (quality, outdoor loving fans too, not just random people). Most important for our firm is to focus on the quality of the fans and audiences that we bring in for our customers with social media/content marketing.
Backwoods Outdoors:
We have increased their Facebook page to be the #4 traffic source to their website in the last year. Fan count before = 15,023 and after working with our firm – Fan count now = 20,464. A 36% increase in less than a year. Check-ins before rendering our services = 98,763 Current check-ins = 193,971. A 96% increase within community interaction!
Third Base Sports Bar:
Leonard USA approached Jump Six Marketing as they were managing their Google Search Advertising in house and they felt they had reached their ceiling. We did a full search account/keyword analysis of their account and found many areas that we could show improvement to help the client save time and money. After many and many hours of breaking down adgroups and optimizing account we are extremely proud of the amazing results below! (Oh and the client is also!)
Leonard USA: leonardusa.com
JumpSix has been outstanding at boosting our online presence. For example, we use an 800 number to accept calls from our website. Before we started our online marketing initiative, we were getting an average of 24 calls a month. Now, we are averaging around 250 calls a month. Not to mention, our online engagement was abysmal, at best. Now, we receive over 300 form submissions a month.
Ozarks Teen Challenge:

Our Process

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