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Why Should I Continue to Incorporate Keywords I Rank for in My SEO Strategy?

Choosing the right keywords is one of the most integral aspects of a good SEO strategy. While doing keyword research, you may notice that you already rank fairly high for some keywords you wanted to rank for. So is this the green light to ignore those keywords and focus on more you don’t rank for instead? Well, the answer isn’t so cut and dry, so let’s go a little deeper.

Your Business Name

Inevitably, before starting an SEO strategy, your highest ranking keyword will be your brand or business name. If it’s not, you have a problem, but we won’t go over that today. The point is, your business name will always be a keyword, no matter what. Even if you don’t specifically create content focused on your name as the keyword, the content will end up having your brand name in it out of necessity. This means you’ll constantly rank high for your brand name. This is a good thing, as you want people to be able to find you easily if they know what they’re looking for.

Other Keywords

Here’s where things get a bit more complicated. Let’s say you sell homemade candles. You check your keyword rankings and you happen to rank 4th for the keyword “homemade candles.” You may be satisfied with this position, but wouldn’t you want to avoid falling in the rankings? Wouldn’t you like to be higher if it’s possible? If you answered yes to either, then you should incorporate keywords you currently rank for in your SEO strategy. There are a few reasons for this. The first being the risk of competitors of new businesses improving their SEO. If your competitors start trying to rank for your keyword, they can take your place. Google also rescans and crawls often, and if you’re not generating fresh content that incorporates your most important keywords, you’ll eventually begin to drop in relevance. Google values websites that have been around for a bit, because it holds a certain authority, but not if these websites are stagnant. By consistently pumping out significant keyword-focused content, you’re asserting yourself as an authority on that topic or market.

Trust the SEO Experts

As Google constantly evolves their parameters for SEO and relevance, JumpSIX Marketing constantly evolves their approach. We strive to innovate in the digital marketing realm, so we are always paying attention to the best strategies and trends in the SEO landscape. If you’re in need of a digital marketing strategy that will bring your business to the next level, contact JumpSIX Marketing today.

Web Design Elements

Elements of Attractive Web Design

Good web design is an essential part of digital marketing. Your website is your digital storefront, so it’s often the first impression people have of your business. Having an unfriendly interface or an outdated web design can cause possible customers to navigate away and try to find a more user-friendly website, possibly your competitors. Even if your website has the product or information they need, if the website is unappealing, they’re less likely to use it. Today we’ll go over some key elements of good website design.


There are a wide array of variations you can make to the layout of your web pages, but the most important thing is that they’re clean and easy to navigate. A cluttered web page can look chaotic and unappealing. Making good use of negative space can really give your content room to breathe. If a web page is nice and organized, it will make it much easier for people to find what they’re looking for.


Font is an oft-neglected but extremely important consideration when it comes to web design. Using boring or overused fonts can make your website look standard. Using the right mix of fonts and typography can really give your website a more dynamic look. The trick is to not use too many different fonts, and to choose fonts that look good together when you do make variations.


Images are important, and it’s imperative to use the right images that convey the message you’re trying to get across. You also want to make sure to not overuse images. A picture is worth 1,000 words, so do you really need 10,000 words to get your message across? Well-placed images can drive home your message can catch the eye of your customer.

Videos can also add another visual element to a web page. Some websites even have background videos placed on their homepage to automatically create a dynamic and striking visual that makes customers want to learn more. Just make sure you don’t make the video overstimulating or obnoxious. Make sure the sound doesn’t automatically turn on when they open the page. No one likes a surprise video when their sound is turned all the way up.

Let JumpSIX Marketing Create Your Web Design

The aspects of web design we discussed today are just a few of the things you have to keep in mind when creating your website. It takes an expert touch to create a truly unique and beautiful website. If this sounds like an insurmountable task, let the web design experts at JumpSIX Marketing help. We specialize in creating websites that enhance your brand and engage the customer. Contact us today for more information on our digital marketing services.

Digital marketing and gimmicks

Digital Marketing Gimmicks to Avoid

Sometimes, from the way we explain it at JumpSIX Marketing, it might seem like digital marketing takes care of all the hard stuff for you. After all, if you’re observant enough, you can catch on to useful trends and emerging methods in the digital marketing and digital advertising world and piggyback your way to success, right?

Not quite. While you certainly benefit from being part of a shared experience with your digital users, as well as other brands, you can easily fall prey to misusing gimmicks, and coming off as tacky, out-of-touch, or even desperate. JumpSIX Marketing offers some insidious digital marketing gimmicks that you should avoid.

It’s All About Meme Meme Meme

This might be a sensitive topic, since people love memes – but a lot of companies love them so much that they’re overusing them. Using memes in your ad campaigns (“memetic advertising”, if you want to get fancy) is a potentially effective way to engage digitally, especially if you’re appealing to a younger, more web-savvy audience.

The problem emerges when you consider just how quickly your typical internet meme falls out of favor. Internet culture is blindingly fast, and Andy Warhol’s famous quote about everybody’s “15 minutes of fame” can probably be cut down to 15 seconds at this point. Don’t assume that when you see some new image macro that is actually new – modifying for advertising purposes is risky. By the time you put it out there, the digital crowd has already moved on, and avid social media users will not be afraid to tell you. Over and over. Forever.

Selling Through Social Media

This one is a little tricky, because there is, potentially, a way to do it right. Selling something through social media is generally not a good idea, because it’s not what social media is for. Social media marketing is hard work because it involves integrating your message into a flow of social interaction, and being able to engage well with your audience seamlessly.

Shoving ads out into the middle of a discussion is disruptive and obvious, and you have to remember that using social media opens you up to public criticism. This alone takes a whole new level of preparedness to deal with. Don’t use social media just for selling – use it to build a relationship with your audience.

User Created Content (Without Moderation)

When it comes to digital marketing, engagement is a big part of it. Making your customers, clients, fans, users or whoever you’re targeting feel like a part of your process is one of the biggest bonuses it offers. A great example of this is user-created content. Giving your audience the opportunity to create something for you that you’ll go on to use has a two-fold benefit – they get to display their own work, and you get to capitalize on it.

But it can also be disastrous. Putting out a request on social media or anywhere online for users to create content is fine – as long as you have some way to filter or moderate it. If people see an opportunity to humiliate your brand by posting obscene, offensive, or embarrassing content with your name or logo all over it that will be seen by a potentially unlimited audience, they will absolutely do it. Just do a quick search for something like “social media PR disaster” for a huge list of examples. If you’re doing to advertise digitally, especially through social media, you need to take precautions.

Assuming It’s Easy

Our last example isn’t quite so potentially catastrophic as misguided user-created campaigns, but it can do real long term damage, and is probably the easiest mistake to make. It’s less a gimmick and more of an assumption. The internet has made almost all aspects of our lives easier in one way or another, and it’s obvious to assume that digital marketing is easier than doing it the old fashioned way. This isn’t the case.

Going digital with your marketing, advertising, and branding has certainly made it easier to find more opportunities to promote yourself, but doing it effectively is a whole heap of even more work. Managing multiple accounts, multiple campaigns, keeping an eye on demographics and analytics, budgeting, really engaging with your audience. Keeping up your digital presence is a full-time job all its own.

Professional Digital Marketing from JumpSIX

Avoiding falling into these traps, much like making the use of digital platforms generally, is harder than it looks. You can easily find yourself falling into lazy patterns of aping or repeating things that have already been run into the ground, and it’ll turn your audience off instantly. Fortunately, JumpSIX is dedicated purely to the digital aspect of your business.
Contact JumpSIX Marketing, and we’ll handle the subtleties of your digital presence and online campaigns – from marketing and advertising, to social media marketing and web design – while you focus on running a business.

Digital marketing and brand fatigue

Advertising, Digital Marketing, and Social Consciousness – Brand Fatigue

In our on-going series of blogs about socially conscious digital marketing and advertising practices, JumpSIX Marketing is looking at different facets of responsible marketing that affect your brand in an increasingly connected digital world.

As the Internet connects more people to each other, it also connects more people to companies, organizations, and brands that they use every day. If you’re going to develop and maintain a good digital presence, you need to strike a balance between exposure and overexposure. Why? Let a professional digital marketing and digital advertising agency explain.

What Does Your Audience Want?

First and foremost when it comes to big branding mistakes is assuming you know better than your audience. Even if you do – you don’t. Telling people what they want is pushy and desperate, and shoving a new product in everyone’s face insisting it’s their new favorite thing makes them far less interested.

There are a number of examples of this throughout the history of marketing (remember New Coke?), and every example is one of a failure to recognize the necessity of subtlety in branding.

If you want to do this effectively, you need to listen. Find out what your audience wants, whatever you normally provide them, and tailor your message to it, rather than trying to bend them to what you want to sell. If a product, or an ad campaign, fails to get a bite, then nix it fast and start over before you dig yourself a bigger branding hole.

Brevity is the Soul of Branding

The best branding grabs someone’s attention immediately and gets the message across in seconds. This is easier for long-established companies with a recognized name or logo, but making an impact fast is possible even for a start-up. Make your service, your message, and your identity clear out of the gate and get yourself noticed.

Your logo should be eye-catching without being gaudy, and subtle without being plain. If you’re not a graphic designer, you should hire one to do it for you. Don’t rely on guesswork or a family member who’s a “budding artist” – unless it’s done well by a professional, it won’t be good enough.

The same goes for your message. To get the right balance of clarity and briskness in your copy, you need to have a way with words that won’t exhaust your base. Keep your message simple and clear – and stay focused!

Communication is Always Key

You might think we nag about communication and listening at JumpSIX Marketing, but it matters. Like we’ve already said, if you don’t know what your audience wants, ask them! One of the biggest boons to digital marketing has been the proliferation of social media, and the open communication it always brings between brands and customers. Make the most of it.

At the same time, it’s hugely important that you don’t overdo your digital marketing, especially on social media. There’s a reason it’s called brand “fatigue”. If you’re inundating your audience with your message – even if it’s the most professionally designed, well written, and expertly put together campaign – they’ll get sick of you.

Disruptive advertising is a problem, and the reason so many different ad blocking apps are available. If your audience is so sick of your ads that they’re actively blocking them, they’re probably going to avoid you altogether.

Digital Marketing and Branding Balance

Making people sick of you by overdoing your digital marketing, social media marketing or digital advertising can put a big dent in your reputation. Try-hard tactics are always obvious, and always turn people off. If you want to come up with a focused, balanced branding, marketing or advertising strategy, JumpSIX Marketing is here to help.
We’ve helped a wide variety of different companies and organizations expand their digital presence, without exhausting their clients, customers, and users. Contact JumpSIX Marketing today to make the most of our experience.

Phone using Instagram for social media marketing

Social Media Marketing: Understanding All Instagram Has To Offer

The breadth of Instagram is constantly changing, sometimes making it overwhelming for companies to understand how to properly utilize the persistent influx of new features. With many options at hand, Instagram is among the most beneficial social media platforms to build a brand on and can result in substantial benefits for your company if used thoroughly. At JumpSIX Marketing, we decided to break down some of the most important ways you can make use of social media marketing on Instagram.

Link Your Other Accounts

Instagram has the option to link your account to other social media marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, offering the ability to attract your followers from different platforms to one they may not be familiar with. Having your followers on other sites see your Instagram posts can allow them to witness your brand in a new light and further increase their interest in your company.

Use Hashtags

Though popularized by Twitter, Instagram jumped on the hashtag bandwagon a while back, and they have become key in social media marketing for the site. Including a hashtag in your post can allow people who may not follow you to see your content included among other relatable pictures that they are interested in, thus increasing your exposure and potential reach to new customers.

Spark Engagement

One of the most useful social media marketing tactics you can do on Instagram is to encourage your followers to interact with your posts by liking or commenting on the picture. As your followers engage with your content, your pictures will appear on the “explore page” (the page with the magnifying glass) to the people who follow your followers. This is yet another beneficial way to expand your brand and increase exposure to people who may not be familiar with your company.

Use Stories

Arguably another feature that Instagram copied (this one from Snapchat), Stories allow users to post a picture or short video that will be visible for 24 hours. The stories also conveniently sit at the top of the screen, making it the first thing people see when opening the application. Stories are an effective social media marketing tool to communicate impromptu ideas without completely annoying your followers. What’s more, Stories can also appear on the explore page for people to … explore … your company’s content.

Post Multiple Photos

A recent addition to Instagram’s lineup was the ability to include more than one picture or video in a single post. The app now lets you compile up to 10 files to create a short album, granting the ability to communicate multiple ideas if necessary. Using this feature can aid greatly in controlling the amount of posts you send out on your timeline, which is an important social media marketing element to monitor in making sure your followers do not grow too irritated with your content.

Contact JumpSIX Marketing For More Social Media Marketing Tips

Instagram is a great social media marketing platform to become active on, and although the array of features may take a while to fully grasp, finding a proper use for them can allow you to build your brand to its full potential to attract many new prospective clients. For more information, call JumpSIX Marketing at 417-799-2233.

Devices with websites showing responsive web design

Web Design Essentials You Should Keep in Mind

Design is everywhere. From the machine that pours your coffee in the morning, to the vehicle that transports you around town, to the very device you may be reading this article on. These three objects, though undeniably different in function, all took similar steps in deciding what the best method was for ensuring the most feasible user experience. This concept is crucial in designing a website as well, as the creator must contemplate the necessary measures to take for guaranteeing a fluid and sensible path for a potential consumer to navigate. At JumpSIX Marketing, we put together some of the most essential web design concepts to keep in mind when constructing your website.

Don’t Bury The Lead

If you have ever read a news article, you have probably noticed that the first sentence, referred to as “the lead,” contains the most important information about what is happening. This idea should be implemented into your web design as well. Nobody wants to dig around for the interesting and principal details; it should be in plain sight for the user to see as soon as he or she accesses your website. Good design will execute the notion of attracting your potential customers at first glance, without them having to even scroll down the page. In other words, if you bury the lead of your company, you are essentially wasting your customers’ time.

Simple Is Often Better

Adding a large amount of content to your website can convey to the user that a lot of thought and effort was put into the design and that your company has expansive knowledge regarding its industry. Unfortunately, too much on a single page can actually hinder your online attractiveness. If the user is waiting for high-resolution images to load or is experiencing clunky scrolling because of over-the-top animations, then your flashiness is doing considerably more harm than good. Keep your web design fundamental enough so that it is usable for the basic user who may not have the latest version of his or her browser. The less time the customer has to wait for your website to load, the more time he or she has to actually view the content, which typically means more business for you.

Make Friends With Mobile Browsing

With the prevalence of smartphone browsing continuing to increase over the past decade, having a mobile-friendly website is a necessity in this day and age. Having a mobile-friendly site essentially implies making sure your site is adaptive to any user regardless of what device he or she may be viewing it from. Responsive web design strives to adjust the relative accessibility for a platform by making necessary accommodations, which help to increase user experience at each level. Furthermore, having a mobile-friendly website will prioritize your site to Google’s authority analysis, increasing your SEO.

Contact JumpSIX Marketing For Your Web Design Needs

Design is all about solving problems and providing a practical experience to the user. If you keep this in mind when organizing your website, you will be on track to a pleasing web design. Contact JumpSIX Marketing at 417-799-2233 for more information on increasing your SEO and building a marketable website.

Social Media Marketing Done Right Will Boost Your Business

Social Media Marketing: Avoid These Mistakes

We cannot provide a golden rule that will perfect your social media marketing campaign. Every business engages with their audience differently, and only by interacting in a way specific to your brand can you entice users to follow you. People crave a presence with personality, but you should still follow some basic guidelines in order to reach people in the most effective way. In Part I of this blog series, JumpSIX Marketing went over a few strategies to improve your social media marketing and management campaign. In today’s blog, we will discuss mistakes your company should avoid.

A Few Social Media Marketing Don’ts

Not all social media sites are created equal, and you shouldn’t assume that you will engage the same crowd on all the different social media sites. Each site allows you to present your brand in a different way to a different group of people. You should think of this as an opportunity to share your brand’s personality in unique ways. However, there are a few mistakes companies make across all platforms, and JumpSIX Marketing will share those with you here.

If You Only Build It, They Won’t Come

Some companies have seen Field of Dreams one too many times. “If you build it, they will come” might work for Hollywood and Kevin Costner, but it won’t work for your social media management. Don’t just create a Facebook page or an Instagram account and cross your fingers. After building a page devoted to your brand, you have to draw users in. Share fun, informative, and eye-catching content to excite users.

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

When you hide negative reviews and comments, you act like the child who cleans her room by hiding her toys under the bed. She only fools herself; her parents see the mess and shake their heads. Don’t ignore negative feedback. Use this opportunity to turn a mistrusting or difficult customer into a long-term advocate for your brand by convincing them that their opinion matters to you. Hiding your mess to only yourself doesn’t win you any favors. Address the issue instead.

Everyone Leaves a Pleaser

You can’t please everyone, and much of social media marketing is about determining who makes up your audience. When you try to placate everyone, you end up losing some of your strongest allies. Get a sense of your target demographics, and let some issues die. This may sound contradictory to the advice above, but it really isn’t. Use a discerning eye to know when someone only wants to bicker and bring your brand down to their level and when someone expresses a genuine interest in your product. Focus your energy on the latter.

No One Likes a Potty Mouth

Everyone knows better than to use vulgar language online, but not everyone understands just how sensitive and reactive social media communities can be. Tread lightly when dealing with humor or anything topical. If you feel an inkling of doubt, then you shouldn’t say it. Always err on the side of caution when posting for your business. A well-crafted social media marketing campaign can quickly come down in smoldering ruins because of one misworded and mistimed tweet. Don’t let that happen to you.

Choose JumpSIX Marketing to Manage Your Social Media

JumpSIX Marketing offers your brand the experience and knowledge of a skilled agency. We deal with the intricacies of the web day in and day out, and we can effectively implement both your long-term and short-term social media marketing strategies. Reach out to JumpSIX Marketing today to discover what we can do for you.

Connect with Users through Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Best Practices on Managing Social Media

Social media is here to stay. We have known this for a long time, but we cannot emphasize enough the importance of social engagement on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Regardless of whether your business is only three dudes in a basement or owns corporate jets, you need to use proper social media marketing techniques to keep your audience happy. A happy audience translates into customers. If you can turn happy audience members into happy customers, then you have real potential for spokespeople who will scream the virtue of your products and services from the summit of their social media account. When you engage, encourage, and communicate effectively over social media, you increase your brand awareness. When you do these things ineffectively, your social media marketing campaign suffers, and you will lose potential customers.

Where to Start?

If you haven’t registered your business on any social media sites, then you can start there. Facebook and Twitter allow you to interact with the most diverse swath of the population. Here, you can implement digital marketing strategies to engage with people and understand your audience. Don’t stretch yourself too thin, however. Start off small, then work your way up to more social media platforms and more engagement. It’s better to understand the unstated laws that govern these sites than risk saying something out of place. It’s also better to not spread your resources thin over too many sites.

A Few Social Media Marketing Do’s

Every social media site comes with its own rules and norms, and you will need to take the time to understand the different modes of communication on each site. Having said that, JumpSIX Marketing has discovered a few consistent strategies that work across platforms. We have also seen a few social media marketing blunders that all businesses should avoid. Let’s start with the things you can do to improve your presence.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

You want to talk about your business, right? You joined Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest to promote your business and talk about yourself, but here’s the thing. Social media gives everyone access to nearly unlimited information and businesses, and if you don’t give them something they want, they will not pay attention to you for long. At JumpSIX Marketing, we aim for a balance between promoting brand awareness and engaging audience members on their own term. Think about producing 80% of your content with the aim of educating or entertaining your followers. Focus the remaining 20% (or less!) of your content on sharing details of your products and services.

Reply to Comments

Think of each of your followers as a person with whom you want to have a long and lasting relationship. If a friend told you something that you did to upset them, you wouldn’t ignore their comments. Think of your audience members in the same way. When they write a positive review, thank them. If they criticize your business, take the criticism in stride. Ask them how the experience could have gone better from their perspective. Think of this as free, valuable information that will help you improve your business.

Maintain Your Personality & Voice

People follow businesses to discover products and learn about them, yes, but also to find some entertainment and feel a connection to your brand. Your followers already get automated responses when they talk to customer service departments, and spam emails already fill their inboxes. If you don’t add to that automation by simply injecting your company’s personality and individuality into your posts, you will entice followers.

Post Regularly

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to do more than just exist. You can’t take a search engine optimization approach because people do not yet search social media sites to purchase products and services. They, instead, scroll through Facebook and Twitter for entertainment, creative inspiration, and communal connection. You need to bridge the gap, and you can do that by regularly posting fun, engaging content.

Social Media Marketing at JumpSIX Marketing

Check back with us for part II of our blog series when we talk about the don’ts of social media marketing. Managing social media takes time and comes with growing pains. If you prefer to focus on other aspects of your business without neglecting your online presence, you can leave the social media marketing to a digital marketing firm with experience. We can help guide you on your path to a strong social media campaign. Contact JumpSIX Marketing today for more information.

Establishing specific digital marketing goals

Digital Marketing and Establishing Specific Goals

Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses and customers interact, and the audiences that companies are now able to access. As the opportunities for marketing have increased, so has the importance of establishing goals for the marketing efforts.

Paid Advertising

When you are paying for advertising on search engines and websites, your business should have a few main objectives to focus the digital advertising efforts. With digital marketing, you can tailor your advertisements around specific searches and keywords to ensure that you are targeting the precise advertising group you have selected. Certain keywords will perform better than others, so it is helpful for your digital marketing specialists at JumpSIX Marketing to know which products or services you would like the advertising efforts to focus on, so that you gain customers on the products and services that you choose.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, functions a bit differently than many other facets of digital marketing. That means your company’s goals should be a bit different when it comes to SEO. SEO predominantly focuses on driving traffic to your website organically instead of through paid advertising. When determining your company’s goals for SEO, you should keep in mind that results won’t be seen as suddenly as it would through ads, but the results continue to build and don’t end like they would if you stopped using ads. Consider which services and features that you would like to focus on, and try to create a comprehensive idea of the tone and feel you want for your company’s content.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is becoming an increasingly important aspect of comprehensive digital marketing efforts. Over two billion people all across the world use various social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook on a regular basis. That means your ads have the potential to reach a wide and varied audience that would be impossible to reach through traditional advertising methods. With social media marketing, your business has the opportunity to focus advertisements on specific demographics. When creating goals for social media marketing, it is important to determine if you want to focus on people who already use your products and services (or products and services similar to yours) or if you want to reach totally new markets to expand your customer base.

Digital Marketing with JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX Marketing, we strive to provide the best in digital marketing to our clients. We offer personalized plans that are tailored to each company’s specific advertising goals. For more information on the services we provide, check out the JumpSIX Marketing website today!

Effective Social Media Management with JumpSIX Marketing

Effective Social Media with JumpSIX Marketing

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important elements of your business’ presence online. Customers rely on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to interact with their favorite businesses and companies. However, just having social media pages is not enough. Check out a few ways to make sure your social media pages are an effective part of your digital marketing presence.

Establish Goals

Before embarking on social media marketing and community management, it will be beneficial to determine your company’s main goals for using social media. While a common objective for social media is to connect with your audiences, creating specific goals to accomplish that objective will be helpful for your JumpSIX Marketing community managers and your company as a whole. Do you want to create interesting conversation opportunities with your customers, or do you want to use your social media pages primarily as a place to inform customers about new products and services? Do you want your page to be informative? Funny? These are all questions that will help guide your JumpSIX Marketing community managers to create your ideal social media brand.

Be Genuine

People on the Internet – and especially on social media – are inundated with information from other people and businesses on a daily basis. If you want your audiences to connect with your company and your brand, you need to be genuine in your posts and comments. If posts seem too formal or formulated, your customers will notice and stop interacting with your social media pages as much.

Respond Quickly

Social media has quickly become the go-to method for contacting businesses when there is an issue. Because of the instantaneous nature of social media, customers expect a fast response when they contact the page. Whether you take care of your social media management in-house or you hire JumpSIX Marketing for your community management needs, it is important to establish standard policies for response times on your various social media outlets.

Community Management with JumpSIX Marketing

At JumpSIX Marketing, we understand the importance that social media can have on your digital marketing goals. With our community management services, we will help to create engaging and relevant content for your various social media platforms. We also offer search engine marketing and search engine optimization services to meet a variety of digital marketing needs. For more information on our services, feel free to explore the JumpSIX Marketing website today!