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JumpSIX delivers results for nonprofits. We use Google grants to reach prospects on the Internet with search ads. This amounts to $10,000 per month in search ad spending for one year. And, in some cases, the grant amount is up to $40,000 per month.

Unfortunately, many nonprofits rely on unqualified staff to launch and manage these search ad campaigns. Most only spend a fraction (3%) of the granted amount. To make matters more difficult, Google offers no support for these grants. That’s where we come in.

JumpSIX Marketing has successfully managed this process for nonprofits. From grant submission to managing the search ad campaign, we do it all. We write the proposal to get you qualified, and we walk with you every step of the way to ensure a winning experience. Let JumpSIX partner with you to effectively manage a Google grant for nonprofits.



JumpSIX is a dedicated group of individuals endeavoring to uplift your organization and raise awareness for your cause. Through the Google Adwords Program, Google grants $10,000 per month to nonprofit groups on a mission to change the world. Grantees have the availability to spread their reach, gain higher visibility, and initiate a larger volunteer base for no additional cost.


The Ad Grants program gives you the power of Google AdWords to create custom marketing strategies that will assist your nonprofit in achieving higher digital marketing goals.

Why JumpSix?

JumpSIX wants to be your partner in improving the world around us. Our passion for creating awareness and growth in nonprofit organizations has lead JumpSix to start our Nonprofit division. When you partner with us, we will walk with you through the entire grant process: from attaining the AdWords Grant to successfully utilizing your grant to the fullest of its capacity.

JumpSIX wants to be a lifeboat for your nonprofit. Many organizations that obtain the AdWords Grant only spend a small amount of their allotment and many times have not seen positive results. Coming to digital marketing agencies, such as JumpSIX, will ensure that your budget is used to the best of its ability and
gain results your organization can be proud of.