Jumpsix Marketing

The Jump Six Step Process

This is our 6 step process that we live by in the digital marketing world. In fact, we P.R.E.A.C.H. it to all of our customers. (No pun intended.)



Every great digital marketing campaign is thought through before implemented.  During our planning phase we work very closely with our clients to make sure we are aiming at the correct target.



It isn’t a digital marketing campaign if it doesn’t reach anyone. We make sure we have the right strategy in place to ensure we are focused on reaching the exact potential customers you want.



This is where we separate ourselves from the pack. We create compelling ads with call to actions that will create engagement (interaction) from prospects. During this phase the prospect is still in the research phase and we are working hard to put your business in the driver’s seat when it becomes purchase time.



It’s about persuading site visitors or prospects take action when they initially reach your site or social network presence. To take action is also about encouraging participation.



We work very closely with clients to help define the conversion process, then we set goals, and work on conversion aspects throughout the whole process.



Our whole digital marketing process is to help clients help their customers. We work with clients to tailor a great follow up strategy for their customers.  Whether it is surveys, reviews, or just a ‘Thank You’ email, it is a very important step to creating customer loyalty.