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This gives you the unique ability to outrank even the biggest sites. And, with so many people using mobile devices, you get a chance to draw their attention, get a click, and increase sales.

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Search Engine


Search engine marketing (SEM) delivers immediate traffic to your site.Unlike Search Engine Optimization which helps your website to rank higher with Google organically, SEM can get you to the top of Google search results immediately. Whether using display ads, search ads, or video ads, SEM is a powerful way to send targeted prospects to your site or landing page. JumpSIX Marketing proudly delivers top performing ads in both arenas. Search ads reach prospects right away. When they ask Google a question, you can shine as the first answer on the page.


Search Engine Marketing is typically a larger budget option. Companies who strive to dominate Google’s search results utilize this form of SEM. With conversion tracking we measure cost per acquisition (CPA) to ensure a successful ROI.

Over a million businesses rely on Search Engine Marketing with Google AdWords. Here’s why:

Get your business found

Whether you’re looking to attract new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Search Engine Marketing can help.

Connect with customers across the web

You can reach relevant customers on relevant websites across the web. A range of options let you target by website type, audience type or remarketing, when and where it matters.

Reach your customers, whichever device they’re on

In today’s mobile world, you need to be advertising on every
device that your customers are using – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
That way, when they’re searching, browsing or buying, you’re right there.

Search ads

Win with Search Ads.

Track and improve your campaigns by running reports to see how your campaigns are performing and use AdWords tools to edit and improve them. With a variety of bidding and targeting tools, you can maximize your budget, focus on key markets, and automate bids based on a target return on investment.

Go beyond text with new ad formats.

Attract customers in dynamic ways like letting them quickly and easily compare relevant credit card offers and rates, or showing them a movie trailer right on the Google results page.

Show customers additional information with ad extensions.

If you have local stores, show customers a map of nearby locations. If you sell products, display images and prices of relevant available merchandise. And if you have great online reviews, show customers that they can trust you with seller ratings.